Tanket is a proud seller of CFA Concrete Water Tanks (Static Water Supply).

Concrete Water Tanks are used as a Static Water Supply, meaning an item that holds a body of water that can be used in the event of a fire. As per the CFA requirements ‘Where reticulated water is not available, a static water supply must be provided. The minimum supply of 10,000 litres per lot is maintained solely for fire fighting.’

Concrete Water Tanks are a fantastic option for water storage, as opposed to polycarbonate tanks, as they can be stored underground and are built to withstand harsh Australian conditions. All concrete water tanks used for firefighting purposes must have CFA fittings.

As per the requirements of the CFA, ‘Static Water Supplies are constructed to be able to withstand damage from fire, traffic or normal land use. Below ground pipelines must be installed to the following depths:

  • Subject to vehicle traffic: 300mm
  • Under house or concrete slabs; 70mm
  • All other locations; 225mm

Above ground water pipelines and fittings must be constructed of non-corrosive and non-combustible materials, or protected from the effects of radiant heat and flame.’

All above ground Static Water Supplies must provide at least one 64mm, 3 thread/25mm x 50mm nominal bore British Standard Pipe (BSP), round made coupling. All valves and pipework between the water supply and the outlet must be a minimum of 50mm nominal bore. This being to ensure that an adequate water pressure is achieved.

In terms of installation requirements, all Static Water Supplies for CFA purposes must apply to the following conditions:

‘The maximum distance between a static water supply outlet and the rear of the building must be no more than 60m and no less than 10m from the building. The Static Water Supply outlet must be no more than 3m above the Static Water Supply base. Fire brigade vehicles must be able to get within 4m of the Static Water Supply outlet. A safe fire truck hard standing area of 10.3m x 5.5m clear of obstruction is provided at least 10m from the building….. Static Water Supplies must also be suitably identified so that fire fighters can locate them at all hours. If the water supply is not identifiable from the building, visible signage must point to the water supply.’

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For more information on the CFA Requirements, download a copy here.

Updated 24-8-18

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