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What should I consider before purchasing a water tank?

There are a few items to consider before purchasing a water tank. When looking you should ask yourself the below questions:

  • What size tank do I need?
  • What will I use my water tank for? eg. washing the car, drinking water, etc.
  • Where will I put the tank? Do I have enough room for it to fit?
  • Will the tank be above or below ground?
What is the difference between Tanket and other water tank companies?

Tanket is a Melbourne based company that was established in 2009 that specialises in above and below ground Concrete Water Tanks. We offer lifetime support commitment to all our customers and with our quality knowledge and service strive to make your tank purchase experience as easy as possible. With a 10 year structural guarantee our tanks are made to last!

What sized water tanks are available?
Can your tanks go below ground?

Absolutely! Our range of Concrete Water Tanks are suitable for both below ground and above ground installation. If you are not sure which of our tanks is suitable for your requirements, see our Tank Lids page for an overview of the uses of each Tank Lid Class. To see our range of tanks available click here.

Some of your above and below ground tanks look similar, are they same tank?

Our tanks are available in 4 different classes, Standard Duty, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty and Extra Extra Heavy Duty. In some cases you might find several tanks available in the same literage but different classes. The class of the tank will vary on what sort of install you require, whether it be above ground, or able to have foot traffic or even a truck pass over it. The variance is in the thickness of concrete in the tank. Ordering the right tank is crucial, to determine which Lid Class you require, check out our Tank Lids page.

What accessories are available for my rainwater tank?

At Tanket we have a range of accessories available for our our water tanks. Accessories include pumps, risers, covers, pits and grates. To see our full range of accessories click here.

Can I drink water from my rainwater tank?

Yes, you can drink the water from your water tank however you will need a UV and a filter.

What can I use my tank for?

There are many items you can use the water from your Concrete Water Tank for. For internal use you could use it for the dishwasher or washing machine as well as cleaning duties or toilets. For outside you can use the water for washing the car or the driveway or even watering the lawn or garden. If you live in a bush fire area you can even use your water supply for putting out fires (not to be used as a CFA tank, for CFA tanks please click here).

How much water can my water tank collect?

This can vary depending on where you are situated. To see up to date statistics of your locations average rainfall, look up your location at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Can I use my water tank as a CFA Fire Tank?

Yes, Tanket have a range of CFA Fire Tanks available. To view our range of CFA Fire Tanks click here. To learn about the requirements of a CFA Fire Tank either see our Blog or view the CFA Preferred Requirements.

What is the guarantee of my tank?

All Tanket Concrete Water Tanks include a 10 year structural guarantee.

Are Tanket tanks made in Australia?

Yes, all Tanket Concrete Water Tanks are made in Australia and meet all Australian standards.

Can I get a Tanket tank made to order?

Unfortunately no, all our Tanks are poured from moulds meaning tanks are only available in the sizes we have available.

How much will my Water Tank Cost?

Tanket Concrete Water Tank pricing can be found here.

Is delivery included in the cost of my Water Tank?

All tank prices exclude delivery to site. All tanks and Plunge Pools that are over 6,000KG require a franner on site (provided by the customer) for unloading and placement of unit into position.

Are Trade Discounts available?
Do Tanket conduct site inspections?

Unfortunately we are not set up to do site inspections. If you are unsure about access or have any other queries that are not covered in the FAQ page on our website, please send us an enquiry or call us on 1300 826 538.

From order, how long will it take to get my tank?