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At Tanket we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Australian Concrete tanks. We have a variety of different tanks available to suit your needs from residential to commercial purposes. Tanket tanks can add value to your home as well as reduce your water bills and you will also be less dependant on public water supplies. Tanket tanks are engineer designed.

Tanket tanks are ideal for placing underground to utilise space and having your water storage hidden or can be used above ground. Tanket Tanks start from 1,700 Litres up to 32,000 Litres. For greater amount of water storage there is the option of joining Tanket’s side by side or even stacking 2 or more Tanket’s together, therefore creating a greater water reservoir.

If your site has large amount of rock present and this is putting you off from buying a tank, we have specially designed Tanket’s for this situation. Tanket Concrete Water Tanks are free from defects for 15 years and are Australian made.