The Tanket Water Retention System is specifically designed for applications in which wastewater, rainwater and/ordrainage catchments are located below standard drainage access points.

Recognised throughout the industry for its reliability and ease of use, it has fast become the new standard in efficient water transfer. The Tanket Water Retention System is comprised of 2 submersible pumps (can include up to 3) and the advanced iCON Controller.

It provides a number of unique features and benefits including:

  • Duty/standby operation, or in the case of heavy downpours duty/duty operation of pumps
  • Automatic rotation of pumps on each start-up
  • High level alarm and low level faults
  • Alarms or faults displayed on screen and via a common flashing light
  • Genuine MAC3 float switches supplied to start and stop each pump and to activate alarms (high level).
  • These can be upgraded to level transducers which display actual tank level in cms.
  • Manual test function for each pump
  • Minimum run timers per pump to avoid cycling
  • Enclosure size based on location and customer requirements
  • The Tanket Water Retention System also offers a wide range of customisable options including remote communication.
  • Pump sizes are chosen to suit the application/s. Pump can be smaller or larger depending on site requirements and customer needs.

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