Understanding Underground Water Tanks

Selling concrete water tanks since 2009, Tanket offers above and below ground water storage solutions to suit most homes in Victoria. One of the most popular trends we have seen at Tanket over the last several years, is the installation of tanks below ground- out of sight and out of mind. So what tank range would be best for this?

The answer to this is what kind of traffic will the tank have over it once installed? As shown on our Products Page, we have 3 different tank categories: Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty.

So what do these categories mean and where can they be installed? That’s easy, please see below.

Standard Duty: 

Technical Description: Areas (including footways) accessible only to pedestrians and pedal cyclists and closed to other traffic (standard duty)

Nominal wheel loading KG: 330

Summary: The Standard Duty tank range is perfect if you are looking at either a above ground installation or a below the garden install. Due to the construction design of the tank you are easily able to grow either a flower bed or a lawn over it. This tank size is able to take the weight of pedestrians and a lawn mower.

Heavy Duty:

Technical Description: Areas (including footways and light tractor paths) accessible to vehicles (excluding commercial vehicles) or livestock (heavy duty)

Nominal wheel loading KG: 2,670

Summary: Heavy Duty is the next level up from our Standard Duty. With a stronger design, installation locations can be anything from under the driveway or even the garage. Heavy Duty is a popular option for our customers at Tanket as it is easily able to take the weight of a car.

Extra Heavy Duty:

Technical Description: Carriageways of roads and areas open to commercial vehicles (extra heavy duty)

Nominal wheel loading KG: 5,000

Summary: The highest grade out of our tank series. Extra Heavy Duty is a popular option for commercial jobs as it is able to take the weight of heavy commercial transport such as semi trailers and B Doubles.

So now that that’s cleared up, what are you waiting for? With concrete water tanks available from 1,700 litres to 33,250 litres and the option of joining tanks together, we have options to suit most job requirements.

We would love to hear from you! To organise a quote send us an enquiry via our Enquiry Form or call us on 1300 826 538.



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