10,000 L

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    10000 L
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Anti-Vortex Fitted

Our CFA Fire Fighting Tank is equipped with an Anti-Vortex system, a crucial component that eliminates the disruptive vortex effect during water extraction. This means a smooth and uninterrupted flow of water when it matters most during firefighting operations.

CFA Victoria Required Fittings

Our CFA Fire Fighting Tank is fitted with a water supply outlet, pipework and valves that meet the current CFA regulations.

CFA Water Sign

Each tank comes with a CFA Water Sign that is regulation for emergency responders to easily identify the tank


What is a CFA firefighting concrete water tank?

CFA Concrete Fire Fighting Water Tanks are used as a Static Water Supply, an item that holds a body of water that can be used in the event of a fire or for occupant use.

What is the purpose of a CFA Firefighting Tank?

This is vital if reticulated water supplies are compromised during a major fire event. In a bushfire scenario, the CFA firefighting tank ensures a property is adequately equipped to defend against a bushfire if needed.

Do I need a Tanket CFA Fire Fighting Tank?

Does your property have a Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO)? If so, all new developments must include a static water supply. Click here to download a PDF on Water Supply Requirements BMO

What is an Anti-Vortex System?

All our CFA Fire Fighting Tanks are equipped with an Anti-Vortex system, designed to eliminate air vortexes during the water pumping process from the tank outlet. The Anti-Vortex Plate is positioned slightly above the bottom of the CFA Fire Tank to prevent water from swirling when it's being pumped by the CFA. Think of filling a bath with water, and when you drain it, the water swirls around the drain hole—this swirling action is called a vortex. The Anti-Vortex system eliminates this effect, ensuring a smooth water flow during firefighting, even with high-flow pumps from fire trucks.

What is Tanket’s lead time for a CFA Fire Fighting Tank?

We keep all our components in stock so we can be ready when you are. Tanket can have your CFA firefighting tank delivered to you within 1-3 weeks (in Victoria)

Why Choose a Concrete CFA Tanket?

Concrete CFA tanks are favoured for their superior fire resistance and durability, with the ability to withstand high-temperature fire conditions and resist corrosion over time. While their initial cost may be slightly higher than other products available, concrete tanks offer long-term cost savings due to their longevity and lower maintenance needs.


Please be aware that CFA (Country Fire Authority) and MFB (Melbourne Fire Brigade), as well as each state and territory, may have varying requirements for fittings. Tanket's CFA Concrete water tanks are designed and equipped in compliance with Victorian CFA requirements. We can adjust our tanks to meet your local requiments australia-wide.


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